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Here’s Why Overseeding Should Always Be Paired With Aeration

Most property owners here in Illinois already know that overseeding your lawn is a great way to fill in bare patches and thicken up your turf. However, many of them aren't aware that pairing this service with core aeration makes overseeding much more effective than if it is done on its own. By overseeding your lawn directly after aerating it, you are giving your new seedlings a better chance at successfully germinating. It will also make essential resources like water and nutrients more accessible to your seedlings. Aerating your lawn right before overseeding it will encourage your seedlings to grow into strong, healthy grass blades that can fight off stressors like disease.

Aerating before overseeding gives the seeds a better chance of germinating.

Close up on aeration machinery in action on a property in Glen Carbon, IL.

The process of core aeration involves the use of an aerating machine to remove small plugs of soil from your lawn. After the treatment, there will be many tiny holes left behind in your soil. If you overseed your lawn directly after you perform a core aeration treatment, the grass seeds will fall into these tiny holes. The holes allow your new seedlings to have direct contact with your soil, which gives the seedlings a much better chance at successfully germinating and growing strong root systems. Without the tiny holes left behind from core aeration, your new seedlings would simply be sitting on top of your lawn without directly touching your soil. That would result in significantly less grass seed germination than if you paired overseeding with core aeration.

Aerating before overseeding makes water and nutrients more accessible to the seeds.

Besides the new grass seeds falling into the holes left behind from core aeration, there is actually another benefit to pairing these two services. The primary purpose of core aeration is to loosen up any compaction in your soil. When you reduce that compaction, it drastically improves your soil's ability to absorb the vital resources that your seedlings need, such as water and essential nutrients. If you overseed your lawn without loosening up that compaction first, your soil won't be able to properly absorb the water and nutrients that your new seedlings need to thrive. So, without core aeration, your new grass seeds won't have as much access to these essential resources and many of them may not germinate successfully.

For the best results, it is recommended that you schedule these services in the spring or the fall.

Pairing aeration with overseeding produces grass that is resistant to stressors.

A pair of hands spreading seeds on a property in O'Fallon, IL.

Another benefit of pairing overseeding with core aeration is that your seedlings will grow into strong, healthy grass. Because your new grass seeds will have access to things like water and vital nutrients, they will have a much better chance of growing strong, dense root systems. With that healthy foundation, your grass will be far more resistant to environmental stressors like lawn diseases and pest infestations. This might even save you money in the long run because you won't have to purchase curative disease and pest control treatments for your lawn as often.

Give us a call to schedule our overseeding and core aeration services today!

While overseeding is incredibly beneficial on its own, it is even more effective when paired with core aeration. Here at Creekside Landscapes, our team offers both of these services, so your lawn will be looking thick and lush in no time. We offer these high-quality lawn care services to the homes and businesses in Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Bethalto, and neighboring cities in Illinois. If you are interested in our overseeding and core aeration services, give us a call at (618) 374-0010 to schedule with us today!

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