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Landscaping Services in Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Bethalto, & Maryville, Illinois

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We're the landscaping experts you call when you need your property to look professionally landscaped at a fair price. Landscape design, mulch installation, flower bed renovations, and more, we're the folks that get it done.

We design and install beautiful landscaping to transform your property in Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Bethalto, and surrounding areas.

A unique and creative landscape design can immediately heighten the aesthetics and value of your residential or commercial property.

Before and after landscaping services performed at a home in Maryville, Illinois.

Landscaping is a major investment of your property, but for many, the overall benefits are worth the cost! Homes and commercial business exteriors with softscapes and other unique outdoor features instantly add more value to the property.

Our team at Creekside Landscapes knows how to design a layout that highlights key areas of your landscape and makes you stand out within the community! We provide landscape design and installation to areas near and around Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Maryville, and Bethalto, IN.

Landscape Design

Before and after photos of landscape design a home near Glen Carbon, Illinois.

At Creekside Landscapes, we can help you renovate your current landscape or create a new design that fits with your personal preferences.

Once we visit and survey your landscape, we can provide you with several different display options that work for the layout of your property- and with your budget!

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It's important to us that our customers are happy with our services. That's why we always follow-up on all landscaping projects throughout the entire process!

Plantings & Bed Renovations

Before and after photos of a landscape bed renovation at a home near Bethalto, IL.

Replacing and cleaning out old planting beds are an affordable option to give your landscape an instant makeover that adds balance and depth to your property.

Our bed renovation process includes using softscapes that are proven to thrive in our region of Illinois. Some of these plants include:

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Annual Flowers

Landscape bed and annual flower installations at a home in Edwardsville, IL.

A bright and colorful landscape with new blooms can bring out the features of any exterior property. With annual flower installations, there's no reason your business or home can't have year-round color!

What makes our services unique is that we order all our softscapes from local stores only, instead of a big box. This way, you know for sure that your annual flowers and plants are coming from local growers in our region of southern Illinois!

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Grading & Drainage

A drainage system installed along a landscape bed a home in Edwardsville, IL.

Our drainage and grading solutions can solve your water retention problems and help level-out areas of your landscape to provide more usable space and minimize soil erosion. Residential and commercial properties in Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Bethalto, and nearby cities in Southwest Illinois are eligible for our drainage and grading services.

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Rock & Mulch Installation

Before and after photos of a landscape installation at a home in Glen Carbon, Illinois.

Adding rock and mulch to your landscaping helps suppress weed growth and creates texture in your landscaping beds.

Many of our customers like to add some kind of rock installation to their landscape design, and thankfully we have plenty of varieties to pick from! Our most popular options include purple trap rock, rainbow river rock, cobbles, and more!

For those wanting a different aesthetic, we can substitute rocks with either cypress, cedar, red, or black mulch that can be replaced once a year.

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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor landscape lighting installed at a Glen Carbon, Illinois property.

Outdoor lighting balances safety and security with beautiful aesthetics. Exterior lights create an ambiance for outdoor entertaining and protect your property by brightening up super dark areas.

We provide new installations for LED lighting so you can have a decorative way of highlighting your landscaping that also keeps your property safe!

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Bush Hogging

Overgrown messy grass in Glen Carbon, Illinois property.

Whether you've acquired new land or just want to maintain your property's current landscape, our bush-hogging services will be of great use to you! If you own a large plot of land or a large-scale building, traditional lawn-mowing just won't cut it. You need more extensive landscape services and heavy-duty equipment. Brush-hogging is a more eco-friendly solution for clearing land because our equipment doesn't tear root systems from the ground which causes environmental disruption. Instead, we simply clear the landscape of brush by gently cutting back overgrown grass and vegetation.

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Land Clearing

Overgrown messy grass in Glen Carbon, Illinois property.

Whether your project is residential, commercial, 1 acre, or 100+ acres, we are here to help you. It can be daunting when something as big as a tree is standing in the way of your next project. That is why our team is ready to help you clear your land and get it ready for what comes next, whether it be building a new home or adding a horse riding trail to your property.

At Creekside Landscapes, we offer our land clearing services to Edwardsville, Maryville, Bethalto, and the surrounding cities. We will come to you and walk you through the process of clearing your land of unwanted vegetation.

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Sod Installation

Sod installation before and after photos from a project in Glen Carbon, Illinois property.

Whether you just bought a home with a less-than-stellar lawn or you just finished up a big renovation project, you might be thrilled to know that there is such a thing as an "instant lawn." Sod is often referred to as an instant lawn because of how quickly you can see green grass when compared to the seeding process. Largely due to this perk, sod is a popular choice among property owners in the Edwardsville area.

Our company uses pre-grown Kentucky Bluegrass that comes in rolls, ready to be rolled out like a carpet onto your soil. After installation, we will always teach our clients the best way to care for newly placed sod to ensure that it starts to develop strong roots.

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Looking for quality landscape design and installs that fit your budget? Call today for an estimate!

Having a beautiful outdoor area doesn't need to come at a high cost. Our customers trust us because we offer quality landscape designs and installs that work within their budget without sacrificing any attention to detail!

Creekside Landscapes is proud to serve residential and commercial properties located in Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, and surrounding areas of southwest Illinois. Give our team a call at (618) 374-0010 for an estimate on your next landscaping project!