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Land Clearing Project in Worden, IL
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Land Clearing Project in Worden, IL

Tuesday, October 25, 2022

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Land Clearing Project in Worden, IL

When our clients in Worden, IL, reached out to us, they wanted to clear an area of land on their property to have complete access to the nearby lake. We visited them to discuss their goals and perform a walk-through of the job site, which was quite expansive. Fortunately, we had everything we needed to tackle this project, including heavy-duty skid steers and an excavator. We used this equipment to clear all the undergrowth, small trees, and dead trees that crowded the area and blocked their way to the lake; we left bigger, more established trees that didn't impact accessibility to preserve the naturalistic beauty of the land. Once we cleared the debris, we broke it down so that it was easier to manage and hauled it off their property. Finally, they had easy access to the lake and they love how they can fish, take out the canoe, and enjoy other lake activities whenever they want!

We tackled this land clearing project with heavy-duty skid steers and an excavator.

This land clearing project was a big job, and we needed to use equipment capable of handling it. Our crew has substantial training and experience in operating heavy-duty machinery, and we tackled this project with skid steers and an excavator. Skid steers have a more compact size, which helped us navigate tight spots and clear the areas between any trees we weren't going to remove. An excavator made clearing this land and moving heavy debris out of the way easy.

We cleared undergrowth, small trees, and dead trees for complete access to the nearby lake.

Bushes and shrubs overgrown in landscape in Worden, IL.

Before we started on the project, the growth was so dense that it was nearly impossible to access the lake through it. However, we were determined to not only make our client's property lake-accessible but more aesthetically appealing too! We began by clearing the thick undergrowth, including bushes, shrubs, foliage, and other vegetation. Then, we took down small, twig-like trees and cleared dead trees and ones that had fallen; we left the established trees that served more of a purpose than simply barricading the accessibility. What's more, removing the unnecessary growth will help the remaining trees thrive, and with all of this land cleared, the difference was night and day - our clients now have complete access to the lake, and the area is tame and spruced up.

Clearing thick, overgrown vegetation can reduce the pest population on your property.

We broke down the cleared debris and hauled it off their property.

Lake's land cleared after services in Worden, IL.

The amount of debris we cleared was so extensive that it was unmanageable as-is. Because of this, we cut and broke it down into a more manageable size. Then, we hauled it off the property and disposed of it offsite. While our clients opted for this disposal method, we also offer other options, such as:

  • Controlled burning of the debris pile
  • Digging a hole and piling the debris into it before burning and burying it

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Want to tame your land and make it more accessible? Call us to sign up for our land clearing service today!

Overgrown properties rejoice - with our land clearing service! At Creekside Landscapes, we can clear your land for any reason, whether you want to make it more accessible, tame the overgrowth, make space for new home construction, or anything in between. You can trust that we're the ones for the job, and we'll come with all the equipment and experience necessary to deliver exceptional results. We offer our land clearing service to residential, commercial, and HOA property owners in Worden, IL. Call us at (618) 374-0010 to sign up for our service today and watch as your landscape transforms before your eyes!

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