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Backyard Patio with Landscaping in Edwardsville, IL

Our client's backyard in Edwardsville, IL before renovation began.

Our clients in Edwardsville, IL wanted a backyard makeover to transform their space into a beautiful spot where they could spend time with friends and family. While they already had a deck, they wanted to take advantage of their spacious lawn by installing a patio and renovating their landscaping. We went over some options with them and helped them settle on a flagstone patio with a sandstone boulder wall. We also worked collaboratively with them to help them renovate their landscape beds and filled them with river rocks, brown mulch, and the plantings of their choice. We even placed sandstone boulders throughout their landscape beds to add a nice decorative touch.

First, we installed their patio and surrounded it with a boulder wall and more.

A newly built flagstone patio in our client's backyard in Edwardsville, IL.

Our clients wanted to create a stunning patio area that would be the focal point of their backyard. We suggested flagstone as the material since it offers a gorgeous look and is available in multiple color options. They decided to use a combination of black hills rustic flagstone, blue sandstone flagstone, and poly sand. After we installed the patio, we used sandstone boulders to create a boulder wall that really made this patio stand out. Finally, we created a border using black hills rustic natural stones and then filled in the space between the patio and the border with dyed brown mulch and various plantings.

Next, we reshaped their landscape beds and filled them with plantings.

Our client's newly revamped landscape beds topped with rock in Edwardsville, IL.

While our clients had existing landscape beds, they were not well defined and were in need of a total renovation. First, we worked with our clients on the design and decided to make one large landscape bed that ran from one side of their home to the other, underneath their deck, and all the way down to their newly installed patio. Next, we expanded the border of the patio to surround the entire landscape bed to create a uniform look.

Then, we filled the landscape bed with a variety of plantings including male blue prince hollies, rebloom azaleas, green velvet boxwoods, and many more. After that, we surrounded the bigger plantings with dyed brown mulch to create an "island" effect and then filled in the rest of the landscape bed with river rocks. The contrast between the river rocks and brown mulch really worked well together and made the plantings stand out much more than if the entire bed was comprised of only rocks.

In addition to looking beautiful, our clients were excited to learn that the rocks and mulch will also provide their plants with additional benefits including weed prevention, soil temperature control, and more!

Finally, we added sandstone boulders throughout the landscape for a final touch and reviewed the project with our clients.

Our recently finished project in Edwardsville, IL complete with a patio and new landscape beds.

With the project nearly completed, we wanted to add one final touch to really make the landscape bed stand out. We strategically placed small sandstone boulders throughout the landscape bed to add to its aesthetic. Once that was completed, it was time to get our clients' final thoughts. When they saw the completed job, they were absolutely thrilled with the way it looked and were excited to start enjoying their new space with their friends and family.

If you're thinking about having any type of landscaping project completed for your property, give us a call!

At Creekside Landscapes we've helped many property owners enhance the look and enjoyment they get from their outdoor living space by completing various landscaping projects. We are proud to offer our services to commercial, residential, and HOA property owners in Edwardsville, IL as well as surrounding areas like Glen Carbon and Bethalto. If you are located nearby, call us today at (618) 374-0010! We look forward to working with you to help you get the landscape that you've always wanted.

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