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Concrete Patio Installation Project in Glen Carbon, IL
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Concrete Patio Installation Project in Glen Carbon, IL

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

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Concrete Patio Installation Project in Glen Carbon, IL

When our clients in Glen Carbon, IL reached out to us, they were interested in having a patio installed in their backyard. They had a beautiful backyard, but it was filled with grass and they wanted an area where they could spend time without having to stand in the grass. We met with them for a consultation and after listening to their goals, we provided them with some options. They decided they wanted to have a concrete patio installed in their backyard. Once everything was settled, we got to work by prepping the area and then installing their new patio. After the patio was installed, we overseeded their lawn around the patio area where grass needed to grow following the construction, and then we laid down straw on top of the seeds to provide the seeds with protection. Continue reading to learn more about this project.

The first step of this project was to meet with our clients for a consultation.

Before area of where concrete patio project was installed in Glen Carbon, IL.

When our clients initially reached out to us, we scheduled a time to come out to their home for an initial consultation. Once we arrived, we surveyed their backyard and then sat down with them to listen to their goals. They had a beautiful backyard that was filled with lush, green grass, but they wanted a patio space so they could gather outside without always having to be on their lawn. We discussed their options with them and they decided that they wanted to go with a concrete patio. Once all the details were confirmed, it was time for us to get to work.

We prepped the area where the patio would go by removing the existing grass and grading the area.

Once we arrived at our client's property, we first had to prep the area where the patio would go. We measured out the area where the patio would be installed and then removed all of the existing grass from that space. Once the grass was gone, we graded the area so that we had a nice, level space to work with. Once that was complete, it was time to install the patio.

We installed their patio using durable concrete.

Concrete patio installed in backyard in Glen Carbon, IL.

Once the prep work was complete, we move forward with the installation of their patio. We used durable concrete and created 6 large sections to give their patio a unique look. When we were finished, they were happy with the way that it looked and they love that they have a designated area in their backyard where they can spend time in.

We overseeded the area around their patio and then laid down straw on top.

During the installation of their new patio, some of the grass around the patio area had to be removed. To remedy the situation and ensure that their backyard looked great, we overseeded the area around their patio so that new, green grass would grow in those spots. Once we finished overseeding the area, we laid down straw on top of the seeds. We laid down the straw because it provides numerous benefits including protecting the seeds from being washed away by rain or being eaten by birds.

As straw decomposes, it releases nutrients into the soil!

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