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Flagstone Walkway Installation in Edwardsville, IL
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Flagstone Walkway Installation in Edwardsville, IL

Thursday, August 11, 2022

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Flagstone Walkway Installation in Edwardsville, IL

When our clients in Edwardsville, IL came to us wanting a new walkway for their side yard, we were thrilled because we had a blank slate of grass to work with! The goal of this project was to turn part of their side yard into a walkway that connected their deck to the driveway. When we sat down for a consultation with our clients, we learned that they wanted a freeform flagstone walkway - and we were ready to make it happen!

The project started with marking off where the walkway would go and then digging out the grass in that area and removing anything else that was in the way. From there, we laid rocks as the base and placed the flagstone on top. After everything was perfectly installed, we wrapped up the project by adding a rock ground cover to the landscape bed next to the walkway and planting seeds in the areas of the lawn that needed a little TLC after the installation process.

We designed a freeform-style flagstone walkway.

We absolutely love the design process when it comes to working with our clients to turn their dream landscaping projects into a reality. This project was a fun one; our clients wanted a freeform-style walkway made out of flagstone. We helped them pick out the perfect colors, including the colors of the rocks for the landscape bed next to the new walkway. After everything was finalized for the design of the project, our installation team could get to work!

Our Flagstone Walkway Installation Process

A walkway installation process in Edwardsville, IL.

The very first thing we did to kick off the installation process was mark where everything would go by using spray paint on the grass. From there, we began removing all the grass, the edging around the landscape beds, and some of the soil that was in the way of the new walkway. We dug a few inches below the surface of the lawn to ensure that the walkway would be flush with the rest of the lawn.

After everything was removed, it was time to lay the materials. Our team filled the area with small rocks to create a base. From there, we could lay the flagstones and we started to see the walkway come to life. After the installation was wrapped up, it was time for the finishing touches.

We wrapped up this walkway project with a rock ground covering and new grass seeds.

Stone ground covering added to walkway project in Edwardsville, IL.

Because we removed the edging that was once around the landscape beds next to the walkway, we had to add another material there to separate the soil from the walkway. We added a rock ground covering to act as a beautiful border around the landscape beds. These rocks are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also help protect the plants in the landscape bed from harsh temperatures and water evaporation.

Lastly, we laid seeds to cover the bare dirt that was left over after the installation process was finished. These seeds will eventually grow into lush, strong grass!

Our grass seeds are the perfect blend of fescue and Kentucky bluegrass seeds.

Project Photos

Let us design and install your walkway! Give us a call today.

Walkways are both beautiful and practical additions to your property. Our team can help you design and install the perfect walkway that matches your style and remains durable for years to come. You can choose flagstone like our clients did for this project or you can choose from our other two options: concrete pavers and poured concrete.

We proudly serve the Edwardsville, IL area, including Glen Carbon, Bethalto, and Maryville. Give our team a call today at (618) 374-0010 and schedule a consultation with our expert landscape designers.

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