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Is Your Property Sloped? Don’t Go Another Day without a Retaining Wall!

Maintaining your lawn requires extra care when your property is built on a slope. Besides being unsightly, steep inclines in your yard can cause water runoff and erosion problems. If you're a property owner in Edwardsville, IL, you may have noticed that we get lots of rain here. So, if your property was built on a slope, you've probably already begun looking into ways to prevent flooding and erosion when it rains.

It's hard to find a better solution for your sloping landscape than retaining walls. But before you have a professional landscape designer build a retaining wall, it helps to understand how they work. Namely, it's helpful to understand how retaining walls work from a functional standpoint. But it also helps to know how these walls fit into your landscape from an aesthetic perspective.

The Functions of Retaining Walls

Retaining walls offer several advantages to sloped properties. By adding stability to sloping soil, retaining walls can hold your soil in place so it doesn't slide or cause erosion. This is especially important for property owners whose lawns slope toward their property. You can also use retaining walls as a seating wall depending on where you place the retaining wall.

Another functional benefit of retaining walls is that they can add usable space to your property. When a retaining wall is installed, the land in front of it can be leveled off. This will turn the once sloped space into a flat area that can be used however you would like. What's more, retaining walls increase the property value of any property they are installed on, making them an excellent investment.

You can also use retaining walls as a raised planter bed as this is a terrific way to maximize the usability of your space.

The Design of Retaining Walls

Roman stone retaining wall near O'Fallon, IL.

When it comes to the design of your retaining wall, you and your landscape design professional will have lots of flexibility. That's because there are several vital resources at your disposal when designing your retaining wall. Among these resources are your building materials and color.

Here are a few common materials:

  • Roman stone - If you're looking for a simple but elegant design to support your soil, Roman stone retaining walls combine a sense of classical beauty and symmetry. Plus, these stones rarely require cutting.
  • Ledge stone - If your goal is to achieve a natural look that blends into your environment, ledge rock is a great option. These rough-cut stones are perfect for building retaining walls.
  • Versa-Lok blocks - If you want a solution that visually enhances your landscape while being environmentally friendly, Versa-Lok blocks offer beautiful texture and a variety of colors but don't require adhesive.

You could further enhance your wall design by adopting straight or curved walls. Likewise, your design pro can use color to maximize your aesthetic. For example, you can use bright colors to transform your retaining wall into the focal point of your landscape, or you could incorporate hues that match your landscape for added tranquility.

Let us improve your outdoor space with our retaining wall installation. Contact us today!

Just because your property is sloped doesn't mean you can't achieve maximum functionality and curb appeal. At Creekside Landscapes, we assist property owners by building amazing outdoor landscapes that address all of the issues sloping properties present. We do this through our retaining and seating wall installation service.

If you're a property owner in Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Bethalto, or nearby in Illinois and your property slopes, we'd love to help. Let us bring balance to your property with our retaining wall installation service. Contact us today at (618) 374-0010 to schedule a consultation.

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