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Landscaping Project in Bethalto, IL - Outdoor Steps, Landscape Bed & More
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Landscaping Project in Bethalto, IL - Outdoor Steps, Landscape Bed & More

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

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Landscaping Project in Bethalto, IL - Outdoor Steps, Landscape Bed & More

Our clients in Bethalto, IL, were struggling with maintaining their side yard. Because it is on a slope, mowing the grass in that area required more effort and they were also battling bare patches of grass that wouldn't fill in. When they gave us a call, they were ready to get rid of all maintenance in that area and add natural stone slabs for steps, a matching natural stone retaining wall, river rocks, and brick pavers. Not only did this project increase the curb appeal of the property, but it also eliminated the maintenance that was previously required in that area!

The first step of this landscaping project was to prepare the area for installation. Then, we installed the steps and the retaining wall. After that, it was time for the finishing touches, which included adding river rock as a ground cover and brick pavers along the edge of the landscape bed.

First, we prepped for installation by clearing the area and grading the land.

Land cleared for step installation project in Bethalto, IL.

The area where the new landscape bed, outdoor steps, and retaining wall would go was full of overgrown grass and old rocks. In order to prepare for installation, we had to create a clean slate. Upon arrival, our crew removed the grass and the old rocks. Once everything was down to the dirt, we graded the land to level it out and create a more gradual slope down the side of the house. Once this process was complete, the area was ready for installation.

We installed the outdoor steps, slabs, and retaining wall using natural stone.

Siloam step slabs installed for uneven land in Bethalto, IL.

Our clients wanted a rustic, natural appearance for their outdoor steps, slabs, and their retaining wall so that they would complement the landscape bed without taking away from the plants and shrubs they would eventually add afterward. They opted for a natural stone material for everything.

First, we installed the outdoor steps, which connect their driveway to the natural stone slabs. We installed a large slab to serve as the landing and then continued with the slabs down the rest of the slope. Once the steps and the slabs were installed, we got to work on the retaining wall. The retaining wall starts at the top of the steps and ends about halfway down the slope.

We finished up the landscape bed with a river rock ground cover and brick paver edging.

Pavers edging steps and rock ground cover added to project in Bethalto, IL.

Alas, the time had come for the finishing touches to this project. With the steps, slabs, and retaining wall finished, it was time for the ground cover and the edging for the landscape bed. We filled the entire bed with naturally colored river rocks to serve as the ground cover and help protect the plants that our clients will add in the future.

After that, we needed to separate the landscape bed from the grass. To do this, we added brick pavers along the edges to outline its expansive shape. Not only did it create a distinct separation between the bed and the lawn, but it also helped to keep the river rock from spilling into the grass.

The very last step of the project was to add sod to the areas of the lawn that were affected by the installation process.

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