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Low Maintenance Landscape - Is That a Thing?

When you think of a low-maintenance landscape, pictures of a dry, boring lawn might come to your mind. However, a low-maintenance landscape with vibrant and healthy plants is completely possible. Creating the perfect low-maintenance landscape requires a good understanding of your environment and the use of plants that survive best in your area. Using native plants and adding a groundcover to your landscape beds are two of the best ways to receive the low-maintenance landscape you've always dreamed of.

If low-maintenance is your thing, check out these important tips so you can finally have the stunning yard you want without having to spend all day caring for it.

Self-Sustaining Native Plants Can Provide You With Colorful Blooms

Native plants are vital for achieving a low-maintenance and sustainable landscape. They already require less attention since their required nutrients and amount of sunlight to survive are already provided in your area. Because they are also native to your region, these plant species have become more resilient to unwanted factors such as weeds, drought, and common lawn diseases.

Installing various native plant species will provide diverse colors and textures to your yard to boost your curb appeal. Here are some of the native plants in Illinois that can provide colorful blooms to your landscape:

  • Tall Tickseed: This is a perennial plant with stalked leaves and yellow flowers that can grow up to nine feet tall and adapt well to any soil condition.
  • Big Leaf Aster: This is another perennial wildflower that can add a touch of white, blue, and purple to your lawn with its flowers that bloom from July to October. Big leaf asters can thrive in shady areas with less-than-perfect soil.
  • Allegheny Monkey Flower: The monkey flower's smooth, light green stems and blue to violet flowers will amp up your landscape design. These plants will grow well under moist conditions and their leaves might appear yellowish if their environment gets too dry.
  • Clustered Mountain Mint: When you want lively white plants in your landscape design, this is the plant for you. Its flowers bloom from July to September and will flourish in a variety of soil conditions.
  • New England Aster: This perennial plant is sure to catch your neighbors' eyes with its yellow, purple, lavender, and pink flowers. It will also remain prominent amongst other plants as it can grow up to four inches tall. The New England aster also prefers adequate sunlight and moist conditions.

Groundcovers will protect your landscape from weeds, soil erosion, and more.

Mulch installation in Bethalto, IL.

You can choose between rock, mulch, or both to cover the exposed soil in your landscape beds. Because mulch is made up of organic matter, it will inevitably decompose. Your soil will receive essential nutrients during the decomposition, however, your mulch will also have to be replaced. On the other hand, rocks will not decompose. This means that there is no need to replenish your rock groundcover, however, it also means no additional nutrients.

Adding a groundcover to your landscape bed has many benefits, including:

  • Moisture retention
  • Weed growth prevention
  • Soil erosion prevention
  • Soil temperature control

Groundcovers will help create a low-maintenance landscape because your plants will need less hydration, trimming, and weeding.

Looking to achieve a stunning, low-maintenance landscape? Call us!

A blend of careful planning, the correct plant selection, and the use of groundcovers will give you the low-maintenance landscape you deserve. Our seasoned landscaping professionals here at Creekside Landscapes are able to help you pick out the best plants and groundcovers for your landscape.

Our top-notch services are available to HOA, commercial, and residential properties in %%targetarea%%, Glen Carbon, Bethalto, IL, and nearby cities. Call our team today at (618) 374-0010 for a pricing estimate.

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